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New Report: More Than 1 Million Syrians Trapped in Besieged Cities

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Report: More Than 1 Million Syrians Trapped in Besieged Cities

An Armenian evangelical pastor said that Christian leaders must protect their churches and help those displaced by the civil war in Syria.

According to, Rev. Harout said Christian pastors need to stay in Syria despite the danger because they are “responsible towards the people that we are serving and for all those struggling inside the country.”

"This torn-apart nation needs people that are filled with the spirit and with love and compassion, and we are trying to be there as long as the war is there," Harout said.

Harout’s church is a center for both Christians and Muslims and provides social and health services.

“We try and stretch hands and help especially when the water cuts off from Aleppo," Harout said.

ISIS took control of Aleppo in 2014 and destroyed several churches.

Harout is head of the Armenian Protestant churches in Syria.

"God called me to be here, and being a pastor is not for good days only, it's for all the time, it's for all days,” he said.

According to a report from the Associated Press, more than one million Syrians are trapped in besieged parts of Syria.

The Siege Watch report comes after the United Nations released its own report saying that about 486,000 Syrians are trapped in besieged areas.

The Siege Watch report, from Washington-based Syria Institute and Netherlands-based PAX, says that 1.09 million people are living in 46 besieged areas in Syria. 

“Electricity and running water are usually cut off, and there is limited (if any) access to food, fuel, and medical care,” the report says.

Peace talks for the besieged areas are expected to resume by Feb. 25.

Publication date: February 9, 2016