New ‘Lumo Project’ Brings Gospel of Matthew to Life

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

New ‘Lumo Project’ Brings Gospel of Matthew to Life

A new project is focusing on Jesus’ ministry and bringing the Gospel of Matthew to life for Bible readers.

Christian Today reports that the “Lumo Project” recreates Jesus’ life and ministry as portrayed in Matthew’s Gospel. Users can now view this recreation through the YouVersion Bible App.

The Lumos website describes the project this way: “The Lumo Project is a versatile educational resource that can be seen and heard by a truly global audience as it can be dubbed into any translation and all languages. This pioneering educational resource is designed to promote biblical literacy for everyone, irrespective of faith. We use the very latest historical research to recreate authentic first century Palestine. Breaking from the stereotypical westernised Jesus, the Lumo Project redefines the standard of visual biblical media.”

The project has previously completed visual recreations of the Gospels of Mark, Luke, and John.

YouVersion describes the most recent project:

The Gospel of Matthew lets you witness Jesus' life firsthand, from the perspective of one of his closest friends, his disciple Matthew...See the prophet John baptize Jesus. Watch Jesus deliver his Sermon on the Mount, then miraculously feed 5,000 people. Witness his crucifixion...followed soon after by his glorious resurrection. The Gospel of Matthew is available for you to start enjoying now, in this all-new series of short video clips: in the Bible App, at, or on your Apple TV.”


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Publication date: June 6, 2017

New ‘Lumo Project’ Brings Gospel of Matthew to Life