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New Documentary Seeks Truth about Abortion's Effect on Women

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, July 8, 2016

New Documentary Seeks Truth about Abortion's Effect on Women

A new film has been released which seeks to explore the truth about the effects abortion has on the health of women.


The documentary, which is called “Hush,” was the brainchild of director Punam Kumar Gill, who identifies as pro-choice, producer Drew Martin, who identifies as pro-life, and producer Joses Martin who says he is “neutral” on the issue.


Although Gill is pro-choice, she says she is really “pro-information.” Her quest to seek the truth about how abortion affects women began when she realized that information on the consequences of abortion is not readily available, and opinions varied widely.


The abortion industry denies that there are any negative effects for women, either psychologically or physically, but others assert that there can be numerous side effects, including depression, infertility, pre-term birth, and breast cancer.


In the film, Gill seeks to get to the truth behind all these claims.


Hollywood North Magazine positively reviewed the film, stating, “How to get at the truth? It’s difficult for Ms. Gill — and this is a difficult film to watch, though also one of the most worth watching.”


The filmmakers say that they tried their best to set aside their own agenda and opinions and simply seek the truth of how abortion affects women.


“Nobody wanted to talk to us because they assumed the worst,” Martin said. “Even with individuals who are not particularly related to (abortion issues), like cancer organizations, what do they have to do with abortions, in general? But when it comes to a political topic like this… there’s a lot of defensiveness that we didn’t even expect.”


The film has aired at several festivals as well as at several universities, but the filmmakers are hoping to bring it to an even broader audience.


To watch the film's trailor, see below.


HUSH Documentary Trailer (2015) from Mighty Motion Pictures on Vimeo.


Publication date: July 8, 2016

New Documentary Seeks Truth about Abortion's Effect on Women