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Navy Chaplain Told to Stop Praying in Jesus' Name

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Updated: Apr 23, 2015

Navy Chaplain Told to Stop Praying in Jesus' Name

A Navy chaplain was asked by a base commander to stop praying in the name of Jesus.

Attorneys for Chaplain Wesley Modder finished their investigation of the chaplain with an 18-page letter refuting allegations against him. The letter also said Modder had previously been asked to stop praying in Jesus’ name.

“After our investigation, it is clear that the facts and law are on Chaplain Modder’s side,” Liberty Institute attorney Michael Berry said. “He has done nothing more than provide ministerial services in accordance with the precepts of his faith – which is completely consistent with Navy rules and federal law.

“We believe the Navy will exonerate Chaplain Modder and restore him to continue his true calling of ministering to sailors and Marines as he has done for the past 15 years,” Berry said.

Modder came under criticism last December when an openly gay officer at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in South Carolina reported that he had been offended by Modder’s stance on homosexuality.

The officer said Modder showed discrimination and a failure to show tolerance and respect.

According to the investigation by Liberty Institute, Modder had been asked to deliver an invocation at a ceremony, but as he walked to the lectern, Capt. John Fahs told him to cut out the “Jesus” references.


Navy Chaplain Told to Stop Praying in Jesus' Name