Naghmeh Abedini to Secures Meeting with President Obama

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Jan 21, 2015

Naghmeh Abedini to Secures Meeting with President Obama

Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini, will meet with President Obama today (Jan. 21) to campaign for her husband’s release. Abedini previously wrote a letter to the President, asking him to meet with her while he was in her hometown of Boise, Idaho. 

News broke today that Abedini secured the meeting with Obama and would have the chance to talk to him about what the government can do to secure the release of Pastor Abedini, who was jailed in Iran for his Christian faith. 

Abedini told, "Actually, people don't understand that he didn't break the law. According to Iran's own admission he didn't break the law. They encouraged Saeed to come back and build an orphanage. When they convicted him to eight years in prison they didn't say he broke any law. They went back to 13 years earlier when he became a Christian."

Senators Mike Crapo and James Risch, and Representatives, Mike Simpson and Raul Labrador appealed to the President to meet with Abedini. 

"We are well aware of the time constraints on your visit and the need to ensure adequate security, but given the nature of Pastor Abedini's situation, we would appreciate you taking time to meet with his wife to discuss your administration's efforts to secure his freedom," the politicians wrote in a letter to the President. 

White House Deputy Communications Director Jennifer Friedman said that the issue is one that Obama care about. 

"I know, generally speaking, that this is something that the president cares deeply about. Our heart and thoughts go out to the family. It's a terrible situation, and that's something we are monitoring and working on,” Friedman said. 

Publication date: January 21, 2015

Naghmeh Abedini to Secures Meeting with President Obama