#MyTreedom Campaign Raises Awareness of Persecution and Right to Celebrate Christmas

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, December 10, 2015

#MyTreedom Campaign Raises Awareness of Persecution and Right to Celebrate Christmas

A new campaign to celebrate Christmas and raise awareness of Christian persecution has been started on Facebook.

Christian Today reports that the My Treedom campaign seeks to unite Christians worldwide in celebrating Christmas, especially in areas where Christians face harsh persecution for their faith.

The campaign was started by foreign affairs journalist Lisa Daftaria. The My Treedom Facebook page states that the campaign’s goal is “Celebrating freedom from persecution and the right to Christmas everywhere around the world.”

On the page, viewers can see pictures of Christmas trees in the desert of Saudi Arabia, a restaurant in Pakistan, a department store in Dubai, and even a Christmas tree in a mall in Erbil, Iraq, “Just steps away from the conflict with ISIS.”

Many Christians have been driven out of their homelands by ISIS militants. 

"We are talking about countries where Christians made up a sizeable and significant segmant [sic] of the native population. Many have had to flee their countries or face brutal persecution, solely because of their faith," said Daftaria.

"The goal is to raise awareness about the increased threat of global Christian persecution that is often missing from political headlines these days.”

According to Christian persecution charity Open Doors, 322 Christians are killed for their faith and 214 churches and property belonging to Christians are confiscated or destroyed every month.

The My Treedom Facebook has gained nearly 12,000 likes.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: December 10, 2015