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Muslim Leader Encourages Fellow Muslims to Visit Museum of the Bible

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Muslim Leader Encourages Fellow Muslims to Visit Museum of the Bible

A Washington, D.C. imam, a Muslim leader, is encouraging his Muslim friends to visit the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

The Muslim leader is just one of many different types of people that are visiting the museum and enjoying its exhibits.

The president of the museum, Cary Summers, told media last week at the National Religious Broadcaster’s International Christian Media Convention that the imam visited the museum with his family and later told Summers what he thought of the facility.

"We had one of the imams from one of the mosques in Washington come and spend three hours [at the museum]; he brought his wife and five daughters," Summers said. "He saw me a week later and he told me that he had been there, which I knew, and I said, 'What did you think?' And he said, 'I'm telling you, every Muslim, they should come to this museum.'”

Summers said that since the museum opened in November 2017, the facility has had more than 340,000 visitors.

"Who's coming to the museum? The world is coming in. It's not all evangelical Christians, but people from all over the world," he said.

"I got a note the other day from a person and she said, 'While we were there, on our right side were Orthodox Jews walking with us, and on our left side was confessing agnostics. And they were all loving the museum,'" Summers said of the note.

The museum boasts 430,000 square feet of artifacts, information and interactive displays about the Bible. Among its collection, the museum has a replica of the Gutenburg Press, first editions of the King James Bible and fragments of the Dead Sea Scroll.

Admission to the museum is free.

"You just knew that this was God's project, and we just got to be part of it," said Steve Green, chairman of the board for the Museum of the Bible.


Publication date: March 6, 2018