Muslim Family Converts to Christianity after Mother is Miraculously Healed

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Muslim Family Converts to Christianity after Mother is Miraculously Healed

A Muslim family in the Middle East gave their lives to Jesus after Christian missionaries prayed over their sick mother and she was miraculously healed.

Christian Today reports that Fadila (whose real name is not being used for security reasons) was concerned when her mother became sick. Her mother’s condition quickly worsened. She suffered a stroke and became bedridden.

The family didn’t know what to do. Eventually, one of Fadila’s brothers brought two men to the house, telling the rest of the family that the men were “men of God” who have “gifts of healing.”

The family agreed to allow the men to pray over their mother, not knowing the men were not Muslims.

“One man prayed. I felt uncomfortable, because it was different than Muslim du'a (prayer)," Fadila said. "He was using Jesus' name on his prayers. In the name of Jesus he prayed to heal my mother."

When Fadila found out the two men were Christians, she initially became angry and ordered them to leave the house. But then something happened.

Their mother, who had been unable to move, was struggling to get up from her bed.

“We helped her and she sat erect and then stood on the floor," Fadila said.

Their mother told the family that while the men prayed over her she saw Jesus and that he had touched her with his nail-pierced hands. She felt a light covering her and knew that she had been healed.

"She asked the pastor to pardon me [for telling them to go away] and also asked him to pray for my brother who is an alcoholic," Fadila said.

The men prayed for Fadila’s brother who confessed his sins, repented, and turned to Jesus.

Everyone in Fadila’s family converted to Christianity except her father’s other wife, Fadila’s stepmother, who remains antagonistic toward Christianity.

Fadila said that despite the opposition, the family is praying and reading the Bible. However, Fadila’s stepmother has threatened to report the family to the authorities for their new-found faith.

“We request prayers,” Fadila said.

Publication date: April 6, 2016