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Muslim Convert to Christianity Released after Being Imprisoned in Iran

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, August 7, 2015

Muslim Convert to Christianity Released after Being Imprisoned in Iran

A Muslim convert to Christianity was recently freed from an Iranian jail after being sentenced to serve six years in 2011.

Alireza Seyyedian, who, according to The Christian Post, converted from Islam to Christianity in 2006, was sentenced to six years in prison for being baptized in Turkey.

The judge at Seyyedian’s trial stated that Iran has enough ministers that could have baptized Seyyedian, so his choosing to be baptized in Turkey was a direct condemnation of Iran’s lack of religious freedom. 

The judge accused Seyyedian of "propagating against the regime."

Seyyedian was also accused of distributing Bibles to children and of sharing hymns with pro-Israel media sites. 

While Seyyedian was originally released on a bail of $50,000 after initially being charged, he was then sentenced to six years in prison, but was released after serving three and a half years. 

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, which reported on Seyyedian’s release, also reported that the prison conditions Seyyedian faced were grim.

“During his imprisonment he is known to have spent time in solitary confinement, experienced ill health and had threats made against his family members,” the report stated. 

CSW’s Chief Executive, Mervyn Thomas, said that CSW rejoices at Seyyedian’s early release, but does not forget that many Christians are still being detained unjustly.

Publication date: August 7, 2015