Mormon Leader Steps Down over CIA Interrogation Role

Russ Jones | Christian Press | Friday, December 12, 2014

Mormon Leader Steps Down over CIA Interrogation Role

A member of a Mormon church was asked to give up his leadership position in 2012 due to his role in the CIA’s harsh interrogation program.

Former Air Force psychologist Bruce Jessen resigned as Bishop of a Mormon congregation in Spokane, Washington, Christian Today reports. A story in the local newspaper that highlighted Jessen’s activity in the fight against terrorism led to his resignation.

"I just felt it would be unfair for me to bring that controversy to a lot of other people, so I decided to step down," Jessen told Reuters.

A US Senate report reveals that Jessen’s company and psychologist James Mitchell recommended to the CIA waterboarding, slaps to the face and mock burial for prisoners suspected of being terrorists.

"It's a difficult position to be in," he said. "You want to set the record straight." He accused the media of publishing "distortions"

The pair received $80 million from the CIA for their services.

Publication date: December 12, 2014