More Families Homeschooling Children While Keeping Careers

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, January 22, 2016

More Families Homeschooling Children While Keeping Careers

Homeschooling is increasingly becoming a more popular choice for parents, and now, some parents are also figuring out how to balance their careers with educating their children at home.

Laura Vanderkam, in an article for Fast Company, shares the stories of many parents who are choosing to homeschool their children, but have also found ways to make time for their careers.

The time it presumably takes to educate children at home is often a deterrent for parents who are considering homeschooling, but Vanderkam found that many parents have figured out ways to provide their children with good educations, as well as make time for their own work commitments.

Parents who homeschool their children but also work have shared a number of important reminders for those who are considering doing the same thing.

Firstly, they say, parents need some sort of child care. Traditionally, schools provide this while parents work, but when homeschooling children, it may be necessary to work out a schedule with one’s spouse, take advantage of homeschool groups or co-ops, or hire a part-time nanny.

Secondly, parents may need to rethink the way learning works. Learning does not have to be comprised into normal school day hours; i.e., from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. "Their school day and your work day do not have to mirror each other exactly," says Pamela Price, author of How to Work and Homeschool. Learning can be ongoing and school hours can be rearranged to suit everyone’s schedule. For example, some parents may go into work Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but be able to work from home and supervise their children on Tuesday and Thursday.

Thirdly, parents need to remember that educating a child should not be the responsibility of a single person. Both parents should share the load, as well as possibly a nanny or a homeschool group or co-op.

More and more parents are questioning the status quo and determining what is actually best for their children and their families.

Shelly Lynn Nellis, a serial entrepreneur and editor-in-chief of Fresh Vancouver magazine states, “Just because the majority of society does something does not mean it’s the optimal way for you.”

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Publication date: January 22, 2016

More Families Homeschooling Children While Keeping Careers