Mom Pens Letter to Doctor Who Said to Abort Down Syndrome Baby

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Mom Pens Letter to Doctor Who Said to Abort Down Syndrome Baby

Mom Pens Letter to Doctor Who Said to Abort Down Syndrome Baby

A mom who birthed a baby with Down Syndrome has penned a moving letter to the doctor who pressured her to abort the child.

ABC News reports that Courtney Baker was pressured to abort her daughter, Emersyn Faith, after finding out that Emersyn had Down Syndrome. Baker says she felt pressured to abort her child even after she initially refused.

Now, over a year after feeling pressured to abort her baby, Baker has written and sent a letter explaining why the doctor’s advice was so harmful.

“Dear Doctor,” Baker’s letter began, “A friend recently told me of when her prenatal specialist would see her child during her sonograms, he would comment, ‘He’s perfect.’ Once her son was born with Down syndrome, she visited that same doctor. He looked at her little boy and said, ‘I told you. He’s perfect.’"

“Her story tore me apart,” Baker continued. “While I was so grateful for my friend’s experience, it filled me with such sorrow because of what I should have had. I wish you would have been that doctor.”

Baker goes on to say that, contrary to a low quality of life, Emersyn has raised her quality of life. “Emersyn has not only added to our quality of life, she’s touched the hearts of thousands. She’s given us a purpose and a joy that is impossible to express. She’s given us bigger smiles, more laughter and sweeter kisses than we’ve ever known. She’s opened our eyes to true beauty and pure love.”

Baker said the process of writing the letter and mailing it provided closure, even though she does not know the doctor’s reaction to the letter:

“Every action, from opening and closing the mailbox to raising the red flag, was closure for me. I have no idea how the doctor might have reacted to my letter, but I do have faith that God can work any miracle and he can change any heart.”

To read the rest of Baker’s letter, click here.

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Publication date: June 8, 2016