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Mexican Workers Race to Find Survivors after Massive Earthquake

Ryan Duncan | Contributing Editor | Friday, September 22, 2017

Mexican Workers Race to Find Survivors after Massive Earthquake

Rescue workers are in a frantic search to rescue survivors following the massive 7.1 earthquake which leveled dozens of buildings in Mexico City. According to SRN News, the death toll currently stands at 273 people with the number expected to rise as the week goes on. The quake has left many Mexican citizens without housing or resources, forcing those affected to sleep in cars or the back of trucks. Providing food and medicine has also proved problematic,

“While food, water, medicine, blankets and other basic items have been donated, some residents complained that emergency services were slow to arrive to poorer southern neighborhoods of the city, and that wealthier districts appeared prioritized. Disaster relief is sensitive for politicians in Mexico after the government’s widely panned response to the 1985 quake caused upheaval, which some credited with weakening the one-party rule of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).”

Many victims of the destruction have been children who were attending school at the time of the quake. One student recounted how he was able to escape his crumbling university, but others were not so fortunate. The search for a young girl briefly captured the hearts of viewers before it was revealed to be a media hoax, inciting anger and frustration in an already despairing public. Though military units have been dispatched to help with the relief efforts, Mexico faces a long road of recovery, particularly since it was already suffering the effects of a powerful quake less than two weeks prior.

(Image Credit:Thinkstock/diegograndi)

*Published 9/22/2017