Member of Parliament Advocates for Biblical Instruction of Children

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, January 21, 2016

Member of Parliament Advocates for Biblical Instruction of Children

A conservative Member of Parliament in the U.K. has said that Christian events for children should be promoted rather than restricted.

According to The Christian Institute, MP Steve Double is challenging the U.K. government over its proposed restrictions to religious programs for children.

“We should be promoting the teaching of the Bible to our children, not seeking to restrict it, because the results of that produce an awful lot of good,” stated Double.

The U.K. government has proposed a nationwide registration scheme for any out-of-school religious programs for children under age 19 which would include instruction for more than six hours a week.

While refuting the government’s proposal, Double asked, “Where are the Sunday school teachers who seek to inspire and incite young people to join terrorist organisations? I suggest there is no evidence whatever to impose such restrictions on Sunday schools and other church groups.”

Double said he believes the government is addressing the issue in the wrong way:

“We are in danger of applying onerous restrictions on the many to address the actions of a few. That is the wrong thing to do,” he stated.

Prime Minister David Cameron, however, has said that the government has held discussions with the Church of England to make sure the proposal is viable and fair.

Publication date: January 21, 2016