Mark Driscoll Speaks at Seattle Church while Protesters Picket Outside

Carrie Dedrick | Editor, | Monday, May 18, 2015

Mark Driscoll Speaks at Seattle Church while Protesters Picket Outside

Former Mars Hill megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll spoke at a church in Seattle on Sunday (May 17), causing some controversy as critics do not believe he is ready to reenter the ministry.

According to Christian Today, Driscoll was invited to speak at Gold Creek Community Church by pastor Dan Kellogg. The pastor introduced Driscoll who he said was "in the middle of repurposing his life.”

Driscoll began his message, "I would like to talk about Jesus instead of me: It would be much more pleasant and helpful."

The speech ended with a standing ovation, Christian Today reports. 

However, about a dozen protesters also came to the event and picketed outside. 

The critics gave out leaflets that read, "We believe restoration is possible and we pray regularly for Mark. Putting Mark back in the pulpit as a leader in the Church now is not biblical. It is neither loving to him or to those with whom he has not reconciled."

Kellogg later defended Driscoll in a blog post, arguing that he should not be disqualified from ministry. 

"I may receive more than my fair share of criticism for allowing Mark to preach. But I hope, for the person who is watching this play out, that they will see Gold Creek as a place to find Grace for EVERYONE, even the protesters,” Kellogg wrote. 

Publication date: May 18, 2015