Mark Driscoll Announces Launch of New Church in Arizona

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mark Driscoll Announces Launch of New Church in Arizona

Mark Driscoll, former lead pastor of Mars Hill Church, has announced the launch of a new church in Arizona. 

The Mars Hill complex dissolved after Driscoll’s well-publicized resignation in Oct. 2014. Driscoll had been accused of bullying, plagiarism, emotional abuse and misuse of church funds. 

Christian Today reports Driscoll’s new church is named The Trinity Church after his wife’s home church in Seattle. It will be located in Phoenix, though the exact address of the church is currently unknown. 

Four male pastors will serve as a “wise counsel” to the church. They are Larry Osborne, who served on the board of advisers at Mars Hill, Randal Taylor, Jimmy Evans and Robert Morris. Andy Girton and Brandon Anderson, former members staff member at Mars Hill, have been named associate pastors.

According to the church’s website, Driscoll “took over a year off from local pastoral ministry to learn, repent, grow, heal, and meet with many people involved.” 

It continues, "During this time, Pastor Mark and Grace [Driscoll’s wife] walked with professional and pastoral counsel who have all agreed that they and their children are ready to return to local church ministry with a new season and a new church in the new city of Phoenix."

The website has no mention of Mars Hill Church. 

Publication date: February 2, 2016