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Marijuana-Worshipping Church Granted Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Marijuana-Worshipping Church Granted Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

A church in Indiana that claims to worship marijuana has officially been granted tax-exempt status from the IRS. The First Church of Cannabis will now been recognized as a religious non-profit, according to Fox News

The church was founded by 59-year-old Bill Levin who said his goal was to smoke in fellowship with other disciples. The marijuana church does not yet have a meeting space, but plans to hold its first service on July 1, the day that Indiana’s religious freedom law takes effect. 

According to the church’s Go Fund Me page, the church stands for love and faith; cannabis is its “sacrament.” 

“Are other religions just not [satisfying] your need for spirituality? Has your faith left the standard church doctrine?  Well I have an answer. I have created the FIRST CHURCH OF CANNABIS. A church based on LOVE and FAITH with the plant we know and love,” the Go Fund Me description reads.

Marijuana is currently illegal in Indiana. However, Indianapolis Star editor Tim Swarens speculated that police would not show up to the church’s first meeting to avoid negative publicity. 

Publication date: June 3, 2015