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London: Delivery Service Begins for 'Morning-After' Pill

Religion Today

London: Delivery Service Begins for 'Morning-After' Pill

May 8, 2012

Women in London are now able to have the abortion-inducing "morning-after" pill delivered to their homes or offices, Baptist Press reports. A courier service planned to begin delivering the drug, also known as emergency contraception, before the end of April, according to the London Evening Standard. A woman does not have to see a doctor to receive the pill, although a physician is to review a form she fills out on the Internet. The "morning-after" pill, marketed under the name Plan B in the United States, can restrict ovulation or prevent fertilization, but can also block implantation of the early embryo in the uterine wall. Under the regimen, a woman takes a pill within 72 hours of sexual intercourse and another dose 12 hours later. Another "morning-after" pill, Plan B One-Step, can be taken in a single dose within 72 hours.