Libya: Abducted Egyptians Christians Released

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Libya: Abducted Egyptians Christians Released

A group of 13 Egyptian Christians have safely been returned after masked gunmen abducted them from a residence. The Coptic Christians were in Libya for work at the time of the abduction. 

As previously reported, gunmen raided the building, ordering residents to provide identification papers. Muslims were left alone, but Christians were taken and driven away. 

According to Muftah Marzuq, head of the council of elders in Sirte Marzuq, "The Egyptians (Christians) were held by a group that deals in illegal people smuggling, because of a dispute involving money and transportation to the Harawa region east of Sirte."

Christian Today reports that a source claims Muslim terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia was behind the abduction. 

Bishop Angelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK said in a statement, "It is deeply concerning to witness the unprovoked, targeted and escalating attacks on Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya.”

Publication date: January 6, 2015