Liberian Bishop: We Have Once Again Become the Abandoned and Scum of the Earth

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Liberian Bishop: We Have Once Again Become the Abandoned and Scum of the Earth

A Liberian Catholic Bishop says people in Liberia are being treated like “scum” during the Ebola crisis. Bishop Anthony Borwah, 48, says Liberian people are also facing polygamy, unemployment, domestic violence and child trafficking.

"As Bishop of my people I carry within my heart their wounds and pains every moment of life here," he told Time.

Borwah has lost his spiritual director, Father Miguel, of Spain, mentor and doctor Abraham Borbor, and prayer partner Tidi Dogba. All died of the Ebola virus.

Because of the crisis in Liberia, Borwah was not able to attend the synod on family in Rome happening this month. He did, however, submit a paper to the synod.

"Existential questions from the poor, prevalently during the Civil war, are been asked again: Where is God? What wrong have we (Liberians) done again? How come we have once again become the abandoned and scum of the earth?” the paper reads.

Borwah said the country needs more outside help.

"Recently one of the survivors — my kinsman — committed suicide when people avoided him and he felt that he was unworthy of love anymore," Borwah said. "We need more support to feed the thousand whom are hungry and angry and to care and counsel the Ebola survivors who carry the stigma."

Publication date: October 15, 2014

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