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Largest Climate Change March in History Prompts Faith Leaders to Call for Change

Carrie Dedrick | Monday, September 22, 2014

Largest Climate Change March in History Prompts Faith Leaders to Call for Change

People marched in cities around the world on Sunday, calling for action against climate change. The protest was the largest against climate change in history, attracting 400,000 people at the New York City march alone. 

Among those who participated in the protest included United Nations secretary Ban K-Moon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore reports Christian Today. Participants campaigned for world leaders to take actions to preserve the earth from harmful carbon emissions and other pollutants. 

Faith leaders also met today (Sept. 22) for the start of the Inter-Faith Summit on Climate Change. 

Thirty of the leaders that attending the conference released a statement writing, "We recognise that climate change stands today as a major obstacle to the eradication of poverty. Severe weather events exacerbate hunger, cause economic insecurity, force displacement and prevent sustainable development. The climate crisis is about the survival of humanity on planet earth, and action must reflect these facts with urgency."

Christian Aid senior climate change advisor Mohamed Adow said, "Our leaders need to take this opportunity and respond to the call of the public to back up their positive words with firm actions to bring the misery of climate change to an end...The People's Climate March shows that the time for action is now. This week world leaders have a chance to prove they can be trusted to do the right thing."

Publication date: September 22, 2014