Kidnapped Christian Schoolgirls Reportedly Alive, but Ill and Pregnant

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kidnapped Christian Schoolgirls Reportedly Alive, but Ill and Pregnant

One of the 200 Christian schoolgirls captured by Boko Haram back in April 2014 has escaped from the terrorist group and reported that many of the girls are still alive, but pregnant and unwell.

The Christian Post reports that the escaped Chibok schoolgirl was being kept in the Sambisa forest camp by the terrorists. She managed to escape captivity and was rescued by Fulani herdsman.

The girl reported that many of the girls, like herself, have been forced to marry Boko Haram militants and have been impregnated by them. Many have also contracted diseases such as VVF.

The girl additionally revealed that the girls who refused to convert to Islam were immediately killed.

Although Boko Haram militants have posed a serious threat in Nigeria where they kidnapped the schoolgirls, the escaped girl said that their power is weakening.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and his government have been actively campaigning against Boko Haram, and although the terrorist group continues to carry out bomb attacks, reports say that their actions are becoming more desperate.

Groups like Amnesty International report that during Boko Haram’s six-year war against the government, close to 20,000 people have lost their lives.

Rev. Samuel Dali of the Church of the Brethren said that 176 of the 200 kidnapped schoolgirls belong to one of his congregations and that as many as 8,000 of his people have been killed by Boko Haram militants. 

Publication date: October 14, 2015