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Justin Bieber Uses L.A. Concert to Talk about His Faith

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, November 23, 2015

Justin Bieber Uses L.A. Concert to Talk about His Faith

Justin Bieber has been talking a lot about his Christian faith and saying he is changing the way he lives. The popstar put words into action at a recent concert where, after performing songs from his new album, he used the stage time to talk about his relationship with God.

Christian Today reports that during his concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, after singing acoustic versions of his old and new songs and showing a film which highlighted each song from his new album “Purpose,” Bieber began sharing about his love for God.

Bieber sat down on a stool next to his pastor, Judah Smith, and, according to L.A. Times reviewer Mikael Wood, “more or less preached.”

"He talked about the importance of maintaining a positive spirit and surrounding himself with encouraging people," Wood continued. "He credited his connection with God for helping him to get back on his feet after a string of widely publicised tabloid troubles.”

Bieber even showcased his newfound humility when, during a question and answer session with the audience, a woman asked him how she should deal with her recent breakup, he responded that he is not really good at relationship counselling since he failed to “keep a relationship going” himself. 

In recent interviews with Complex magazine and with Billboard, Bieber hasn’t shied away from discussing his faith and what is motivating him to change his life.

Even the songs on his new album showcase his change of heart, according to Wood. In fact, the album was considered too religious in some Middle Eastern countries that it was banned.

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Publication date: November 23, 2015