Judge Rules 13-Year-Old Can Decide to Terminate Pregnancy

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, May 16, 2014

Judge Rules 13-Year-Old Can Decide to Terminate Pregnancy

A British high court judge ruled that a 13-year-old girl was mentally capable of deciding to abort her baby.

At the time of a mid-March preliminary hearing, the girl, who is known only as “A,” was already 21 weeks along reports National Right to Life News. The doctor who would perform the late-term abortion would have to be granted explicit permission from the court to avoid a lawsuit.  

According to Charisma News, A’s grandmother noticed her bump expanding and took her for testing. When the young woman realized she was pregnant, she said that she wished to terminate because she was not ready for a child.

The girl was required to see a psychiatrist in order to determine if she able to fully understand the options available.

A mental health professional reported that the girl explained her reasoning for wanting to terminate. “...she felt that she could not cope with its continuance and it would stress her to a considerable degree,” the psychiatrist said.

“I am complete satisfied that [she] has sufficient understanding and intelligence,” Justice Nicholas Mostyn said.

Pro-life advocacy group Abort67 spokesman Andy Stephenson said, “The young girl is soon to be yet another victim of our twisted sexual system that promotes sexual activity at an ever earlier age, followed by the tax-funded death of any resulting ‘mistakes.’”


Publication date: May 16, 2014