Jordan’s Prince Hassan Condemns ISIS’ Attacks on Christians

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jordan’s Prince Hassan Condemns ISIS’ Attacks on Christians

Prince Hassan of Jordan says that Christians, Jews and Muslims must come together to combat the “apocalyptic vision” of the Islamic State.

"Christianity has been part of the essential fabric of the Middle East for two thousand years. Far from being a Western import as some, incredibly, now seem to suggest, it was born here and exported as a gift to the rest of the world. Christian communities have been intrinsic to the development of Arab culture and civilization," Prince Hassan wrote in a column along with Dr. Ed Kessler, director of the Woolf Institute.

"This central role in our region and civilization is why it is abhorrent to us, as a Muslim and a Jew, to see Christianity and Christians under such savage assault across our region."

The column in the Telegraph notes that ISIS has not just targeted Christians, but has also gone after Muslims and Jews all “in the name of (their) God.”

"Helping to end this dangerous slide towards hatred, self-destruction and fratricidal conflict is the main challenge for all of us involved in interfaith dialogue. This requires us to step up our efforts to increase understanding that what unites the three great faiths of our region is far greater than any differences. We must stress, too, that respect for the past and learning from it does not require us to live there."

Jordan is home to more than 600,000 Syrian refugees who fled ISIS after the start of the civil war.


Publication date: August 24, 2016