Jesus Film to be Translated into 8 New Languages

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jesus Film to be Translated into 8 New Languages

The JESUS film, which is often used as an evangelistic tool and has drawn many to Christ around the world, has been translated into eight new languages.

According to, the JESUS Film Project announced that it has translated the film into eight new languages, which means 6.5 million more people can be reached with the Gospel in their own language.

In addition, JESUS Film Project spokesman Joe Class said that people from all eight language groups were given a screening of the film in their respective language.

"It was utterly amazing to go to this location and have community members from eight different language groups gathered together," Class says. "All of us thanked God for what He's done to dedicate these to God's glory. Our hope and our prayer is there would be transformation and [that] churches would be started as a result of this."

Class also spoke with those who said that the JESUS film was the catalyst for their church plant. 

"If you look at the last hundred years and you see how much translation has been done, and then you look at the growth of the evangelical church over that same period, you see an incredible ramping up. There's just this incredible link between translation God's Word and the Gospel and churches being planted and people coming to Christ. It's an amazing phenomenon to be alive at this point in history and watch all this!" Class says.

Publication date: June 28, 2016

Jesus Film to be Translated into 8 New Languages