Pastor Jeremiah Johnson Temporarily Suspends His Online Ministry

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Friday, February 26, 2021
Pastor Jeremiah Johnson Temporarily Suspends His Online Ministry

Pastor Jeremiah Johnson Temporarily Suspends His Online Ministry

Jeremiah Johnson of Jeremiah Johnson Ministries is temporarily suspending his online ministry after he says God visited him.

“I was recently visited by the Lord in a very significant way while seeking Him about the future of the prophetic ministry he has given me,” he said in a letter to his followers published on Facebook Monday morning.

“After much prayer and careful consideration, I have decided to suspend all our online ministry activities for the next two weeks as I meet with our nine staff members and begin to unpack the radical shift that God is asking for in this next season,” he added.

In his note this week, Johnson said he will make “one final announcement” about the future of his ministry on March 8.

"I covet your prayers for my family and our ministry staff in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thank you for your patience and support."

Johnson was one of many several high-profile Christian leaders who inaccurately predicted that former President Donald Trump would win a second term in office.

“I would like to repent for inaccurately prophesying that Donald Trump would win a second term as the President of the United States. I refuse to blame the saints and say, ‘It didn’t come to pass because they did not pray enough.’ Nor will I proclaim, ‘Donald Trump actually won, so I was right, but now it has been stolen from him,’” Johnson said in an apology online.

He admitted that he “missed what God was saying.”

“I specifically want to apologize to any believer in whom I have now caused potential doubt concerning the voice of God and His ability to speak to His people. As a human being, I missed what God was saying; however, rest assured, God Himself is NOT a liar and His written Word should always be the foundation and source of our lives as Christians.”


Prophetic Movement Must Repent of 'Idolatry' of Trump and Politics, Jeremiah Johnson Says

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