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Israeli Museum Recreates the ‘Jerusalem Jesus Knew’

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Aug 09, 2016

Israeli Museum Recreates the ‘Jerusalem Jesus Knew’

A new museum tour has opened in Jerusalem featuring exhibits that show what life was like in Jerusalem during Jesus’ time on earth.

According to, Israel Museum now contains exhibits showing Jerusalem during the period of the Second Jewish Temple. The new tour, titled “Cradle of Christianity,” features many artifacts from this period, including a bone of a human heel with a large nail through it, illustrating the barbaric Roman practice of crucifixion which Jesus suffered.

The tour also features a giant model of the Jewish Temple.

"This is Jerusalem that Jesus knew. This is Jerusalem that Herod the Great built," says David Mevorach, senior curator of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Archaeology at the Israel Museum.

"The model, built in a scale of one to 50, shows these important sites that Jesus goes through, for instance, the pools of Bethesda where Jesus performs one of His miracles of healing," Mevorach continued. "It's all in the surrounding of this city, which has only one Temple for one God."

Many visitors to the museum commented on how ithe tour made history come alive.

"Just seeing the artifacts made it come alive and to see what I've read about made it come alive in my life," said Terry Herndon from Birmingham, Alabama.

"To see so many artifacts of world history and of our Christian faith in one place so quickly and to be able to comprehend it so quickly is just really amazing and it really confirms our faith, it confirms what the Bible teaches us and teaches us the place of our Christian faith in world history, context, it's outstanding," added another visitor. 


Publication date: August 9, 2016

Israeli Museum Recreates the ‘Jerusalem Jesus Knew’