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Israeli Cafe Offers Discount to Jews and Arabs Who Dine Together

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Israeli Cafe Offers Discount to Jews and Arabs Who Dine Together

A cafe in Israel is offering a special discount to Jews and Arabs who sit together for a meal.

Kobi Tzafrir, owner of a cafe in the town of Kfar Vitkin, is tired of seeing the seemingly endless conflict between Jews and Arabs, and those of other religions.

So, The Huffington Post reports, he has decided to offer a 50 percent discount to Jews and Arabs who sit and eat together while they dine at his cafe.

The offer first appeared on the business’s Facebook page on Oct. 12, but is just now garnering attention from the media. 

The official offer, translated from Hebrew, reads:

“Scared of Arabs? Scared of Jews? With us there are no Arabs! But also no Jews ... With us there are only human beings! And real, wonderful Arab hummus! And great Jewish falafel! And free refills on all hummus dishes if you're Arab, Jewish, Christian, Indian, et cetera ... Special discount: 50% off on hummus dishes for a table where Jews and Arabs are sitting together! *Valid Sundays through Thursdays.”

Customers are taking advantage of Tzafrir’s discount. Many Arabs and Jews are eating together and deciding to pay full price in support of what Tzafrir is trying to do.

“If there’s anything that can bring together these peoples, it’s hummus,” Tzafrir told the Times of Israel.

Over the recent month, violence in the region of Israel and Palestine has been escalating. Forty-four Palestinians, eight Israelis, and one Eritrean man have been killed, The Huffington Post reports.

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Publication date: October 21, 2015