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Israel and Hamas Agree to Indefinite Ceasefire

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Israel and Hamas Agree to Indefinite Ceasefire

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas have agreed to an indefinite ceasefire, ending seven weeks of rocketfire and violence. 

Missiles were exchanged across the border until the ceasefire went into effect at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night (Aug. 26). Two Israeli soldiers and two Palestinian children were killed in the hours leading up to the ceasefire. 

Egypt brokered the agreement between IDF and Hamas. Under the ceasefire terms, Israel will open its border to allow aid and construction materials to enter Gaza. The Guardian reports that the legal fishing zone will extend six miles off Gaza’s coast and the Rafah border between Gaza and Egypt will also be opened. 

Other issues were put off to be negotiated later. These issues include Hamas’ desired airport and seaport, the release of Palestinian prisoners and Hamas’ disarmament. 

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas delivered a statement thanking Egypt, Qatar and US Secretary of State John Kerry. He said, "The question is now 'What's next?' Gaza suffered three wars and are we expecting another one? We will consult friends and the international community, and we can't continue with cloudy negotiations."

Seven weeks of fighting resulted in over 2,000 deaths. The Guardian speculates that the conflict leaves “many on both sides of the conflict wondering what was achieved.”

Publication date: August 27, 2014

Israel and Hamas Agree to Indefinite Ceasefire