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Islamic State's "Convert or Die" Demands Unchallenged by Global Society

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Aug 26, 2014

Islamic State's "Convert or Die" Demands Unchallenged by Global Society

Islamic State terrorists continue to gain power and influence across Iraq. The Muslim extremists have pushed hundred of thousands of Christians out of their homes and many have been killed as a part of their “religious cleansing” efforts. As the terrorists wreak havoc on a formerly largely Christian region, many believe that it is the responsibility of Christians around the globe to unite and defeat the militants. 

In a commentary published on Express, Douglas Murray wrote of the horrors that Iraqi Christians are facing.

“Known Christians were visited at their houses - sometimes by IS, sometimes by ordinary Muslims who used to be their neighbours - and given the options that were given to people conquered in the early years of Islam: convert to Islam, live as a second-class citizen or be killed. IS took away the second option, making the choice "convert or die.”

Christianity Today reports that the Islamic State is now giving know Christians one week to decide between converting to Islam or dying for their Christian faith. 

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said that the level of Christian persecution in Iraq is now “off the scale.” "The international community must document the human rights abuses in northern Iraq so that the perpetrators can later be prosecuted,” he said. 

Murray has called on Christians to step up and stand with Iraqi brothers and sisters in crisis. He wrote, “If we are not willing to stop IS then we must let in the Christian refugees who are fleeing. If we do neither then the Christians of Iraq look likely to be martyred in their entirety. This is a crime we cannot allow to continue. IS must not be allowed to win.

Publication date: August 26, 2014

Islamic State's "Convert or Die" Demands Unchallenged by Global Society