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Islamic State Merchandise for Sale Promotes Terror Group in Mid-East

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Islamic State Merchandise for Sale Promotes Terror Group in Mid-East

The terrorist group Islamic State now has merchandise including t-shirts and hats to promote its violent message. While it is not clear if Islamic State is behind the production of the merchandise which is for sale online, as well as in some stores in the Middle-East, the group is benefitting from the advertisement the goods are providing. 

“ISIS is more than likely not producing shirts but indirectly they are benefiting from it. I don’t think that T-shirt company X is sending the Islamic State funds, but people wearing these shirts are making an outward statement and that often starts a dialogue and debate that furthers their message,” said Scotty Neil, founder of a clothing company for special ops soldiers.

Perhaps even more concerning is the popularity that the products have gleaned among teens in the Middle East. 

Scott Mann, director of the Sability Institute, said, “It's popular among Islamic Ummah, especially the youth - and using T-shirts and other commercial products only makes sense. Folks might be producing and selling them who are not motivated by ideology, but rather because the products are selling."

Mann said that Islamic State is claiming that their religion is under attack from the West. “They are branding themselves as the defenders of the faith.” 

Publication date: August 19, 2014