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ISIS Militants Abduct More Christians from Syria

Carrie Dedrick | Thursday, February 26, 2015

ISIS Militants Abduct More Christians from Syria

ISIS militants have abducted more Christians from villages in northeastern Syria, bringing the total number of Christian captives to over 220. 

Christian Today reports the UK has condemned ISIS’ actions. The UN Security Council said in a statement, "Such crimes once again demonstrate the brutality of IS which is responsible for thousands of crimes and abuses against people from all faiths, ethnicities and nationalities and without regard to any basic value of humanity.” 

The Security Council demanded the safe return of the hostages. 

ABC News reports that the militants are also destroying Mesopotamian artifacts in Mosul, Iraq, an insult to civilians in the region. In a recent video, ISIS members were shown taking sledgehammers to ancient artifacts in a museum, calling the historical pieces “heresy.” 

Assyrian Network for Human Rights in Syria director Osama Edward said, "Daesh (the Arabic acronym for ISIS) is wiping Assyrian heritage in Mosul, and at the same time wiping them geographically from the face of the Earth.” 

Publication date: February 26, 2015