ISIS Launches App Aimed to Indoctrinate Children

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, May 12, 2016

ISIS Launches App Aimed to Indoctrinate Children

Terror group ISIS has launched an app aimed at indoctrinating children, whom the group refers to as “cubs of the Caliphate.” reports that the app, called “Huroof,” which means alphabet or letters in Arabic, is being promoted by ISIS’ “Library of Zeal,” the terror group’s propaganda department.

The app is meant to teach children their letters, but does so using illustrations of guns, bullets, rockets, cannons, and swords. The app is reportedly available on Android devices.

Caleb Weiss, who reported on the app for the Long War Journal, said the app was “littered with jihadist terminology.”

Refugees attempting to flee ISIS have described the terror group’s brainwashing techniques, especially aimed at children. Some parents said their children were sent home with dolls dressed in ISIS’ notorious orange execution jumpsuits and told to execute them for homework.

In addition to trying to indoctrinate children, ISIS has used children as suicide bombers and fighters, and has even featured children as young as four years of age on execution videos.

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Publication date: May 12, 2016