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ISIS Fighter Decides to Follow Jesus after Dreaming of Man Who Said 'You are Killing My People'

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ISIS Fighter Decides to Follow Jesus after Dreaming of Man Who Said 'You are Killing My People'

An Islamic State militant has reportedly converted to Christianity after dreaming of a “man in white,” who he believed was Jesus.

The Christian Post reports the ISIS fighter had killed many Christians before the dream, and had confessed that he “actually enjoyed” killing the Christians.

"One of our YWAM workers in the Middle East was contacted by a friend earlier this year and they met up and he was introduced to an ISIS fighter who had killed many Christians already. I mean that's a horrible situation, and admittedly, he was probably on guard," said Gina Fadely, director of Youth With A Mission Frontier Missions, Inc. (YWAM).

ISIS has been known to cruelly kill Christians by firing squads, stonings and beheadings. Most recently, the group released a video of its militants killing Ethiopian Christians in Libya by beheading them.

According to reports, the ISIS militant-turned-Christian was given a Bible by a Christian just before he killed the Christian. The militant then started reading the Bible.

"He told this YWAM leader that he had begun having dreams of this man in white who came to him and said, 'You are killing my people.' And he started to feel really sick and uneasy about what he was doing," Fadely said. 

"In another dream, Jesus asked him to follow him and he was now asking to become a follower of Christ and to be disciple,” she said.

Nabeel Qureshi, an apologist and the author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity, said that dreams are significant in the Islam religion. 

"In Muslim cultures, generally speaking, people don't see themselves as being able to commune with God,” Quereshi said. “In Islam, for example, people don't expect to have God talk back to them personally, as the Holy Spirit isn't living in them. They ask God for guidance through dreams; that's like the one way that Muslims expect to hear from God.”

Publication date: June 3, 2015