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ISIS Demands $30 Million to Release Kidnapped Christians

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ISIS Demands $30 Million to Release Kidnapped Christians

Terror group ISIS has reportedly demanded $30 million in exchange for the release of hundreds of Assyrian Christian captives. 

Fox News reports 250 to 300 hostages were taken from 35 villages in the al Hasakah province on Feb. 23. Twenty-three abductees were released, but most remain in terrorist captivity; officials do not know why some hostages were let go. 

ISIS has demanded Assyrian leadership to pay the $30 million ransom; it equates to $100,000 per individual. 

Fox quoted an Assyrian leader saying, "They know we cannot come up with this kind of money so they're hoping other groups and countries will come up with the money.”

Sunni Muslims in the region are believed to be brokering the negotiation between ISIS and the Assyrians. 

Publication date: April 14, 2015