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ISIS Claims Knife Attack That Kills Two in Paris

Kayla Koslosky | ChristianHeadlines.com Editor | Updated: Aug 23, 2018
ISIS Claims Knife Attack That Kills Two in Paris

ISIS Claims Knife Attack That Kills Two in Paris

According to French National Police, on Thursday morning, in the Trappes suburb in Paris, two people were killed and one "badly injured" in a knife attack.

The French Interior Ministry told CNN that the knifeman attacked and killed his mother and sister along with attacking another person who was a non-family member. 

CNN reports that police said, after the attack the knifeman “ran into a house to hide. He left shortly afterward and threatened police before being neutralized.”

The knifeman was killed by police at the scene.

The motive for the attack is still unknown to the public, some speculating that is was a family dispute. 

According to CNN, Interior Minister Gérard Collomb told reporters that "the attacker had serious psychiatric problems" and he "was known for being a terror apologist."

Collomb continued saying, "He was someone who was unstable rather than committed to terrorism and who might respond to a call from ISIS.”

The knifeman was known to the French government and was on a watch list which focuses on would-be jihadists.

Though there is no evidence to support the claim, ISIS took responsibility for the attack via its Amaq media outlet.

Collomb tweeted: "My first thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones. I want to salute the actions and the exemplary mobilization of our police forces. They are already investigating to establish the circumstances of this tragedy."

On Wednesday, ISIS released what it claimed was a new audio message from its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi which issued a call to arms to supporters and sympathizers in the wake of continued military defeats.

It is being reported that the anti-terror prosecution office in Paris has not opened an investigation into this attack yet.

Photo courtesy: Unsplash/Grillot Edouard

ISIS Claims Knife Attack That Kills Two in Paris