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Iraq: ISIS Terrorists Kill 15 at Wedding Celebration

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, August 29, 2016

Iraq: ISIS Terrorists Kill 15 at Wedding Celebration

Islamic State terrorists have claimed responsibility for an attack that killed at least 15 people at an Iraqi wedding celebration in the Shiite city of Kerbala on Sunday night. reports that the attack consisted of a suicide bomber as well as five other terrorists who attacked the wedding-goers with grenades and machine gun fire.

All of the attackers have been apprehended by authorities.

The attack is thought to be retaliation for ISIS’ loss of ground in Fallujah and other parts of Iraq. Although Iraqi and U.S.-backed forces are pushing the terrorists out of land they once controlled, they still maintain a fierce presence in the region.

The attack is the first in the Kerbala region since Iraqi forces recaptured Fallujah, and it is thought to have been sparked by a conflict between two opposing factions of Islam, the Sunnis and the Shiites.

The wedding was a gathering of Shiite Muslims. The more radical Sunni Muslims of the Islamic State often target Shiites, as well as those of other religions, in their quest to establish a caliphate.


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Publication date: August 29, 2016