India: Christianity Growing Despite Persecution

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Nov 07, 2016

India: Christianity Growing Despite Persecution

The Christian church in India is growing despite the also increasing persecution against Christians.

According to, there are an estimated 25 to 60 million Christians in India. Additionally, Calvary Temple, a church located in Hyderabad, can hold as many as 35,000 people each service. This church holds five worship services every Sunday and is knowns as the “largest church in India.”

"Many Americans think nothing is happening among Christians in India," the pastor of Calvary Temple, Satish Kumar, told Christianity Today. "We have to change that opinion."

But while Christianity is growing in India, so is Christian persecution.

India ranks 17th on Open Doors’ World Watch List of worst countries for Christian persecution.

There are about one billion Hindus in India and many of them are hostile toward Christians.

India’s legal system also often grants impunity to Hindus who persecute Christians for their faith.

This year there have been “134 separate incidents of violence” committed against Christians, according to the Evangelical Fellowship of India. This is up from 177 incidents in 2015 and 147 in 2014.


Publication date: November 7, 2016

India: Christianity Growing Despite Persecution