Illegal Abortion Center Closes Due to Pro-Life Coalition’s Efforts

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Jan 12, 2016

Illegal Abortion Center Closes Due to Pro-Life Coalition’s Efforts

An illegal abortion clinic in Selma, Alabama has been shut down due to the power of prayer and God at work, according to an opinion piece by Christian Post contributor Natalie Brumfield.

Brumfield tells the story of how, in what is an historic city for Civil Rights and marches of protest, people gathered for intense prayer and then stepped out in faith and for life.

“On May 21, 2015, I received a call from Catherine Davis of The Selma Project, asking that Bound4LIFE Birmingham take part in a historical march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge,” writes Brumfield, the Chapter Leader of Bound4Life in Birmingham.

Davis and Brumfield got together a coalition of organizations and citizens who were committed to seeing the illegal abortion clinic--discovered by Father Terry Gensemer of CEC for Life--shut down.

In June 2015, Brumfield and Bound4Life supporters, Davis and Selma Project supporters, and many others gathered for a day of intercession. The pro-life activists gathered in a church where they prayed and heard messages from a number of speakers.

The next day, they put their words into action, and waited for God to work.

“The march was the public declaration of God's intercessors taking hold as conquerors, trusting in the power of the One who responds to our weak cries,” writes Brumfield.

The protesters put Life Tape over their mouths and held signs that read #BlackWomenMatter as they marched across the Bridge.

“As we came to the end of the bridge, we gathered for a press conference — asking for state authorities to take action and prevent Samuel Lett from continuing his illegal and horrific business,” Brumfield recalls.

The protesters truly saw God working through their efforts. On December 30, Father Terry Gensemer shared the good news that the abortion facility had been shut down, and the city of Selma was abortion-free.

Brumfield says the pro-life advocates rejoiced at this victory, but will not stop fighting for life.

Publication date: January 12, 2016

Illegal Abortion Center Closes Due to Pro-Life Coalition’s Efforts