Hungary Closes Border to Refugees to Preserve 'Christian Values'

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Monday, October 19, 2015

Hungary Closes Border to Refugees to Preserve 'Christian Values'

Hungary shut its border to Croatia Friday, forcing migrants to be diverted to a Slovenian border crossing.

According to Christian Today, Slovenian police confirmed the bus arrived and the passengers would be registered.

Slovenia has stopped all rail traffic with Croatia, which could slow the transport of people.

Still, more than 40 buses filled with migrants fleeing Syria’s violence were in line to enter Croatia during the weekend. Hungary, however, built a steel fence along its border with Serbia and Croatia. Hungary officials say it is for the protection of “Christian values” of Europe.

Budapest opposes a European Union plan that would house 120,000 refugees among the European Union. Hungary officials have said they wanted more protection along the border of Greece.

Slovenia says it can take up to 8,000 migrants per day as the people flee to Austria and Germany.

"The bus is on the border crossing (Gruskovje) and the migrants will now go through a registration process," police spokesman Bojan Kitel said of the first bus that arrived.

About 700,000 migrants are expected to reach Europe by boats this year.

Publication date: October 19, 2015