House Passes Bill to Completely Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

Ryan Duncan | Thursday, January 16, 2014

House Passes Bill to Completely Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

New legislation is making waves in the battle against abortion. According to, the House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill that will prohibit the taxpayer funding of abortions from any federal program. Though the bill has been proposed many times, it has failed to make progress due to a heavy pro-abortion Senate. New Jersey Congressman, Chris Smith, has been the bill’s lead sponsor, along with advocates from The Family Research Council. According to Steven Ertelt, FRC President applauded the bill as well as Smith’s leadership.

“Smith spoke on the House floor during debate over the last version of the bill about what he said was growing public opinion against abortion. He also praised women who regret having terminated their pregnancies and speak out against abortions. ‘For decades, a patchwork of short-term policies have prevented abortion funding in many programs authorized by Congress, but it is time for a single, government-wide permanent protection against taxpayer funding for elective abortion,’ Smith said. ‘Abortion is lethal violence against children and exploitation of women. This legislation would establish a comprehensive policy prohibiting public funding for elective abortion in all federal programs.’”

The bill still faces many challenges in the wake of this success. Most politicians believe President Obama would veto the bill on the grounds that it would make it more difficult to obtain coverage from private insurance companies. The debate itself remains ongoing.

*First Posted 1/16/2014