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Here's What Trump Could Do Right Now to Help Christians in Sudan

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Thursday, December 8, 2016

Here's What Trump Could Do Right Now to Help Christians in Sudan

Donald Trump needs to do more than President Barack Obama did in “sending a message to radical Islamists that ‘America is back,’” Jason Scott Jones says in a column for

Jones says that the National Islamic Front, which is led by President Omar al Bashir, rules the Republic of Sudan. Bashir, Jones says, is the “architect of the Darfur Genocide.”

“Bashir’s government is on the verge of bankruptcy, with a suffocating debt of more than $60 billion which it cannot repay,” Jones writes. “Sudan’s currency has collapsed, there are shortages everywhere, and recent ‘austerity measures’ have led to thousands of Sudanese taking to the streets in protest.”

Under Obama’s presidency, the president had promised more sanctions on the Sudan government and UN soldiers to police the violence, but Jones says he did nothing.

“President-elect Trump has a real opportunity to bring American policy towards Islamists in line with the actions and desires of the American people, and his campaign promises to take on the forces of radical Islam,” Jones says in the column.

“America has endured eight years of morally confused, counter-productive, and indecisive weakness in dealing with radical Islam. We desperately need a leader who can tell the good guys from the villains.

“Let’s hope that under a bold new Trump Administration, America will take the lead again in standing against terrorism and suppression of religious freedom and basic human rights.”


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Publication date: December 8, 2016