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Heaviest Israeli Airstrike in Conflict Leaves 60 Dead

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Heaviest Israeli Airstrike in Conflict Leaves 60 Dead

Israel targeted Gaza overnight with the heaviest air raid since the conflict began three weeks ago. At least 60 Palestinians died in the attack. 

Israel confirmed that it his 10 “terror operatives” and targeted sites including a television station, government buildings and a Hamas leader’s home. 

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement yesterday that he planned a “prolonged” attack against Gaza; the airstrike began within hours of the President’s statement. 

At the same time Hamas has said that it will not be backing down, despite the heightening death toll of Palestinians. Ismail Haniyeh, whose house was hit in the airstrike, said, “destroying stones will not break our determination.”

Neither side has demonstrated interest in a ceasefire deal, despite pleas from global leaders.

The conflict has now killed over 1,100 Palestinians and injured over 6,500. Israelis have suffered a loss of 53 soldiers and two civilians. 

Publication date: July 29, 2014