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Gospel Singer Admits Former Drug Addiction, Uses Music to Raise Awareness

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gospel Singer Admits Former Drug Addiction, Uses Music to Raise Awareness

Gospel singer Joseph Habedank has spoken out about his former prescription drug addiction and journey to recovery. 

Habedank, previously of gospel group The Perrys, told The BLAZE his drug abuse began when he was receiving treatment for a throat ulcer. 

“I just kind of fell in love with the feeling that is gave me,” he said in an interview. 

The problem spiraled out of control; Habedank reached a point where he took 10 to 12 prescription pain pills daily. The Perrys confronted the singer at this time and Habedank made the decision to leave the group in May 2013. 

In June 2013, Habedank entered a treatment program. After a grueling recovery process, the gospel musician is ready to share his story through music. 

Habedank’s “Welcome Home” album is his effort to help people who are suffering with addiction. He co-wrote every song on the album and referred to the work as a “kind of soundtrack to my life the past two or three years.” 

He said, “My biggest passion in life, though, is to not only help the addicts, but to help the addict in the church, because prescription drug abuse is rampant in the church. I just have this huge passion to raise awareness about prescription drug abuse, because it’s so easy to justify it in our minds.”

Publication date: August 19, 2014