'God's Not Dead' Continues to Impress at Box Office

Russ Jones | Christian Press | Updated: Apr 07, 2014

'God's Not Dead' Continues to Impress at Box Office

Ending its third weekend on the big screen, God’s Not Dead continues to pack theaters across the country. The independent film produced by Freestyle Releasing earned $7.7 million over the weekend bringing its total to $33 million.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the film about one Christian college student’s mission to defend his faith broke box office records by surpassing $11,000 per theater.

Actress Cory Oliver plays the role of the girlfriend of an atheist professor, who attempts to convince students in a philosophy class that God does not exist.

“It’s really His movie,” Oliver said. “He has a plan and purpose for us. He knows what He wants to do with this movie. It started out a year and a half ago in Louisiana and brought us this far. I’m really excited about it.”

God’s Not Dead is on a long list of faith-based movies coming out of Hollywood this year.

Like so many others, Oliver senses that the entertainment industry is changing.

“I think this movie is timely – coming out with all the other movies like Son of God, Noah and Heaven is for Real,” said Oliver. “God is rising up in Hollywood as I would like to see – having been part of Hollywood for 22 years. I really love to see what He is doing.”

Director by Harold Cronk, producers of God is Not Dead added 580 more theaters to its release.

God’s Not Dead inspires us to be light in darkness and to show love to the hurting, “said Dr. Ted Baehr founder and president of MovieGuide. “The entertainment value of God’s Not Dead transcends the message. You will not be bored, and you will be enlightened and inspired.”

'God's Not Dead' Continues to Impress at Box Office