Germany: Protesters Disrupt Reunification Celebration at Church

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Monday, October 3, 2016

Germany: Protesters Disrupt Reunification Celebration at Church

Protesters gathered Monday in Dresden, Germany to voice their anger at Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel and other German leaders were meeting in Dresden in Frauenkirche church to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the country’s reunification. The country reunified on Oct. 3, 1990 after being divided into a capitalist west and a communist east at the end of World War II.

But protesters interrupted the celebration as Merkel exited the church, shouting, “Merkel must go” and “traitor.” She has been criticized for her welcoming refugee policy.

In 2015, some 890,000 refugees entered Germany. This year, only about 210,000 asylum seekers have come into the country, but still supporters on the far right have asked for an immigration cap.

Despite the large protests, Merkel said the anniversary was still a day of “joy.”

“For me personally, but also for most people in Germany, this is still a day of joy, a day of thankfulness,” she said.

Last week, two homemade explosive devices were set off outside a mosque and conference center in Dresden, and Sunday, just before the anniversary celebrations, three police cars were attacked with arson.

In a report published in September, the German government said there has been an increase in racist and far-right attacks in eastern Germany.


Publication date: October 3, 2016