Germany: At Least 5 Dead in Munich Mall Shooting

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, July 22, 2016

Germany: At Least 5 Dead in Munich Mall Shooting

At least five people were killed Friday (July 22) when multiple shooters opened fire at the Olympia mall in Munich, Germany. According to CNN, police reported that at least three gunmen were still at large. Civilians were told to seek shelter and metro, train, and rail traffic were closed. 

The attack began at a McDonald’s restaurant in the shopping center at 5:50 p.m. local time. There have been conflicting reports of number of deaths, but Munich police spokesperson Claudia Küntzel confirmed that there were “several dead and wounded.” 

Witness Lauraetta Januze said her son was in the McDonald’s bathroom with the shooter before the attack began. 

“That's where he loaded his weapon. Boom, boom, boom, I heard, and then I saw all the injured. I was back to back with him, I was in the bathroom with my kid, and I only saw him shoot directly into the faces of children."

Mall employee Lynn Stein said, “People were very confused, and they were running and they were screaming.” 

The shooting follows an incident in Germany earlier this week where a 17-year-old ISIS supporter stabbed five passengers on a train. The suspect was gunned down by police. 

Publication date: July 22, 2016