Georgia Deputy Says He Was Fired for Hosting Bible Study for Former Inmates

Carrie Dedrick | Monday, January 26, 2015

Georgia Deputy Says He Was Fired for Hosting Bible Study for Former Inmates

A sheriff’s deputy in Georgia says that he was fired for hosting a Bible study that sought to help former inmates change their lives. 

Josh McCuen, who worked at the Hall County jail, said he started the Bible study for former inmates after God gave him “a love for the lost.” The Bible study was held off of jail premises, Christian News Network reports. 

McCuen told reporters, “It was to help rehabilitate spiritually the guys who are pretty much coming out of jail.” 

The deputy also began raising money to place Bibles in the jail cells, a ministry he called Revival 172. 

After hosting the Bible study for less than a month, McCuen was told to resign or be fired for violating the jail policy of “fraternizing,” with inmates. McCuen said that he did not violate any policies and believes that he was targeted for his Christian faith. 

Sheriff Gerald Couch denied McCuen’s claims, saying that he, too, was a Christian. “I have a strong Christian faith and neither I nor anyone at the sheriff’s office would ever persecute someone for their faith, whatever that may be. The supervisor discussing this issue did not make any reference to religious beliefs or actions, but this was brought up by McCuen as a reason for his improper behavior.”

McCuen said that he intends to trust God in the future. 

“I hold no anger or resentment toward anyone at the Hall County sheriff’s office. I thank them for allowing God to use them as a vessel to put God’s plan into motion. I know God will provide a job without me seeking financial restitution from a lawsuit,” he said. 

Publication date: January 26, 2015