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Fundamentalist Christian Ministry Attended by Josh Duggar under Investigation for Sexual Abuse

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, October 23, 2015

Fundamentalist Christian Ministry Attended by Josh Duggar under Investigation for Sexual Abuse

A fundamentalist Christian ministry is under investigation for allegedly covering up sexual abuse of employees and children who attended its programs.

Christian Today reports that the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), which was once a leading organization within the Christian homeschooling movement, has been accused of covering up sexual abuse.

Five women have filed a lawsuit against IBLP, asking for $50,000 in compensation and stating that the organization “frequently received reports” of “sexual abuse, sexual harassment and inappropriate/unauthorised touching,” and that these serious allegations were never reported to authorities.

IBLP, based in Illinois, states that its mission is to provide "clear instruction and training on how to find success by following God's principles found in Scripture." Many parents sent their children to IBLP to receive counseling.

Josh Duggar reportedly attended IBLP’s programs as a teenager after he admitted to sexually abusing his four younger sisters and a family friend.

David Gibbs III, the attorney representing the women filing the case, stated that many of IBLP’s accusers were abused at home, would act out, and were then sent to IBLP and received more abuse from Bill Gothard, IBLP’s founder, who has since resigned over sexual harassment charges.

Recovering Grace, a website founded by IBLP victims, has compiled stories of more than 30 women were claim to have been sexually abused by Gothard.

Gothard has denied all the claims and Gibbs has stated that IBLP’s board of directors “is not operating in a spirit of transparency or openness” and “rather stubbornly and in my opinion rather arrogantly basically challenged the girls to bring the case.”

"Our goal and our hope is the same as it's been all along — that they will be accountable for what's taken place, that Bill [Gothard] and the board would repent, and that the victims will finally be acknowledged and taken care of in the right manner,” stated a spokesperson from Recovering Grace.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: October 23, 2015